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About Capes for Hire

I remember walking out of the movie theater one warm summer evening, after having watched another blockbuster summer movie about superheroes. I thought to myself, I wished there would be some other form of media where I could learn more about superheroes. After searching the internet for hours I came up empty. Though, in retrospective I did use most of the time searching for advanced cake decorations and by most of the time I mean all of it. Then I thought, I could just create my own. So I made my own comic. Yes, that is right, finally you are able to read about superheroes in comic book form! This comic follows Jake a guy with a superpower who doesn’t want to be a superhero and his coworker Chris who always wanted to be a superhero, but has no powers. They join up to fight crime, each other, and going bankrupt.

Capes for Hire will be updated every monday - wednesday - friday, until supply run out.

About me

Hello my name is Mikkel Adamsen. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. When I’m not working on creating this comic, my hobbies include going to work, being at work, and going home from work.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details of my exciting, adventure filled life, so here is a short list of some true facts about me:

  • I once fought a bear and lost, but chess has never really been my game.
  • I have never used the word flabbergasted, but I will one day, and it will be a glorious day.
  • In 1998 I got the autograph from all four members of Aqua on my spleen. I have been in medical treatment, ever since.
  • I’m the creator for the first tournament for underwater ping pong. Though, to some unforeseen circumstances, every match kept ending in 0-0.
  • I used to own the largest collection of toothpicks covered in batrachotoxin, but my friend borrowed it and I haven’t heard from him since. One day I hope to get a second one.

Thanks to

I would like to give a big thanks to the following people for reading through and commenting on Capes for Hire. I couldn't have done it without your excellent and helpful advice. Thank you!

  • Troels Munk Haar
  • Kristian Worziger Nielsen